Your second best friend (after the moon...) Pluto, has been feeling down lately cause NASA told him he ain't a planet no more :( But there are rumours they will change their mind and classify Pluto as a planet once again! Go pay your old friend a visit and bring him these great news!

Use the mouse to climb the astroids until you reach Pluto.
Hit glowing comets to create checkpoints. If you fall down you will die and respawn at the last checkpoint. Pluto is about 1700 units up.

Mouse: Move Earth horizontally
Space: Pause
M: Mute sound

If the WebGL build lags, try in a different browser or download the standalone build.

The Linux and Mac OS x builds are untested.

Install instructions


  1. Download and unzip.
  2. Run Exe.

The Linux and Mac OS X builds are untested.


Download 11 MB
Download 14 MB
Download 16 MB

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